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JPC Community Services


  •   Preserving local communities
    •  Because these communities have historical value and hold rich heritages, we feel that these depreciating properties deserve to be preserved before they vanish. The Foundation has made a written request to the Wayne County Manager to lease eight properties purchased through the recent Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and just stripped of homes that were fifty years old or older. So far the  request is being favorably considered. This lease will allow JPC Foundation to ensure that those properties are used for the expressed purposes of community development with an emphasis on area beautification. The immediate goal is to provide safe/easy parking for community activities and establish a community park. Currently one property in the community is already being renovated by JLMI, the main sponsor of JPC. The Directors of JPC are serving as planners and facilitators of these activities. The Community is being preserved for those who live in the community. The present preservation is being conducted in the southeastern region of Wayne County in North Carolina.                       
  •   Restoring quality to depressed communities
    •  A major clean up and maintenance program is ongoing in the Old Mill Cemetery located in southeaster Wayne County. JPC has sponsored this program for nearly a year. Sunken graves have been filled, tombstones re-erected, road re-surfaced and lawn manicured. This cemetery serves as the final resting place for most of the African American population of the southeastern region of Wayne County. Other areas, especially in the Parkstown Community have also been maintained. The focus is for senior citizens who do not have children in the area. This is one part of JPC's 3R Program called Respect a Senior  (other parts are Relieve a child and Revive a Youth which are discussed later)
  •   Promoting education within minority communities
    •  JPC provided a computer intern to a school in the area. The intern assisted with the physical education program and tutored math. Equipment and landscaping was provided by J.W. Jackson Adventist Academy. Financial assistance was provided for two families to allow the mothers to work while the children attended daycare. This was one part of JPC's 3R Program called Relieve a Child. JLMI has provided educational assistance to students who needed special instruction at private facilities and scholarships for college through the Tom Joyner Foundation. In each case single mothers or separated mothers were the beneficiaries of of these actions. In each instance, the schools chose the students who were living in southeastern Wayne County.
  •   Establishing mentoring and support programs for youth and young adults
    • JPC has established intern programs for youth and young adults from the southeastern region of Wayne County. This program however, is not limited to this area. JPC has recently sponsored workshops and seminars for the B.U.D.S. program, a mentoring program for girls ages five to seventeen. It is actively involved in Small Steps, a program for victims of violence which work with at risk youth in two of Guilford County's schools and one community center. This is the last part of JPC's 3R Program; called Revive a Youth.
  •   Improving neighborhoods and community programs
    •  The purpose is to improve neighborhoods and to create community programs. JPC is sponsoring the BYMW (Better Young Men and Women) Club which is a revitalization of a community civic club established in the 30's by a community school teacher that wanted to provide something to do for the young adults in the area. The club has gone through many transitions and as been defunct for many years, but with the urging, assistance, support and sponsorship of JPC it was re-established in 2004. Five of the charter members still live in southeastern Wayne County. The purpose of this organization, in addition to providing fellowship, was and still is self-improvement. Some of the programs and activities that JPC promote are community development, senior citizen club, neighborhood watch and adopt a senior citizen.
  •   Providing support and comfort to seniors of older communities
    •  As stated, Adopt a Senior Citizen, is already a vibrant program in the southeastern region of Wayne County community. Houses are no longer as close and people are no longer as visible. Already a dozen volunteers have signed up for this program and are checking in on older members of the community, doing small repairs, giving them rides, and staying in touch with family members who live far away. A goal of JPC is to ensure that space will be provided for the Senior Citizen Club in the local community. The senior citizens themselves are being encouraged to lead in this activity. Of course, JPC will support with resources and support. This is all part of the Respect a Senior portion of JPC's 3R Program.

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